Biography of Antonio Aranda Mata

Military Spanish engineer geographer and staff body. He excelled in the campaign of Morocco, as well as the oppression of the revolution of Asturias in October 1934. At the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War was Colonel; It was immediately available from the rebels. Military commander of the plaza de Oviedo, starred in one of the most brilliant feats of the army during the war, say both his friends and his enemies, the restistir the siege of the city almost fifteen months against Republican forces that exceeded your own number and material. Under the Decree of 9 November 1939 is awarded the Cruz Laureada de San Fernando, by “their heroic action during the siege of Oviedo…”. Shortly afterwards, already promoted to general, commanded the 8th Division and then the body of the army of Galicia. Throughout the entire war, she participated in the battles of Montalvan, Utrilla, Morella, of the
Ebro and Teruel and in the occupation of Valencia, where went on to play the captaincy general. After the end of the war became the Manager of the Superior School of the army and presided over the Royal geographical society. From 1941, he participated in a series of conspiracies in favour of the monarchy, which aroused many suspicions among men of the Franco regime who fed the idea, maybe some, that mason had been before the war. In such a State of suspicion, general Franco, issued a specific law for this case; Aranda Mata is forced to spend the reserve before the statutory age. In 1976 King don Juan Carlos I ascended him to lieutenant general.