Biography of Antonio “Jarana” Arana y Carmona

Bullfighter Spanish, born in Seville on April 9, 1868 and died in his hometown on May 9, 1928. On the planet of the bulls, it is known by the nickname of “Jarana”.

Moved from an accused bullfighting fans, abandoned his first craft of stonemason – who from an early age – to try their luck in the difficult path of the art of Cucheres. When he was only eighteen years old he decided to kill a bull for the first time in her life; It was on July 26, 1886, date in which the bouncy Antonio Arana and Carmona (“Jarana”) turned on a bull at the Seville arena of Bollullos del Condado, to receive, at the expense of his evident inexperience, a serious Goring that retained it idle for two months.

Nevertheless, more could your enormous love that the hard part of the job, so in 1888 was part of the gang one of the bullfighters who enjoyed greater cartel at that ti
me, his countryman Manuel García Cuesta (“Espartero”). At his side could “Jarana” go tanning is in the art of struggle with reses bravas, to enlisted another great figure of the time gang, the also hispalense Fernando Gómez García (“the rooster”), father of two of the greatest geniuses of the bullfighting of any season, Rafael and José Gómez Ortega.

He walked in as good company during 1889 and 1890, campaigns years in which embarked towards America in the aforementioned don Fernando gang. There, in the plazas of Mexico and Havana, the master gave “Jarana” the chance of killing a bull, which culminated in their learning process and decided him to take the alternative until you end the season of 1890. And, indeed, on October 12 of that same year he appeared before fans of the Real Maestranza de chivalry of Sevilla, s
ponsored by which up to then was his teacher, Fernando Gómez García (“El Gallo”); tackle with which the toricantano had Lydia and death to a horned belonging to legendary Miura badge which yielded to him.

While that you ended that season, on October 26, 1890 Antonio Arana and Carmona (“Jarana”) was presented in the Bullring of Madrid, willing to confirm before the first fans in the world his degree of doctor in bullfighting. On that occasion, was his godfather, the Gipuzkoa Luis Mazzantini and Eguía, who gave him tackle it muleteara and estoqueara a brava res, marked with their own iron.

Since then, fortune not accompanied who had such good early, which prompted “Jarana” move back to Latin America, in search of the favor that there seemed to give the public. But also failed to great triumphs in those parts, unless this outside obstacle so it will prolong his career until 1910, date in which a disastrous performance in the a
rena of Montevideo not only convinced him to cut the queue, but also to swear himself who would never fight (oath that only violated by a just cause: his speech at a celebration for the benefit of the Seville Bullfighter Antonio Fuentes and Zurita).

Returning to Spain, he settled in his native Seville with their backs to a bullfighting scene that had it completely relegated to the realm of oblivion. Among his countrymen, he died on May 9, 1928.