Biography of Araki Nobuyoshi

Japanese photographer born in Tokyo on May 25, 1940.

The Chiba University graduate in photography and film directing in 1963, one year later awarded Taiyo for its photographic collection “Satchin”, a series of images grouped under a generic title that the author borrowed from the nickname of a girl.

In 1971 he presented the ‘Senchimentaru”(“a sentimental journey”) private collection with works on episodes of his own life, as your wedding or honeymoon. At first glance, images seem simple photographs, without emphasis or bombast, showing his wife Yoko in a hotel room or naked on the bed and insignificant landscapes such as the platform of a provincial station, or vulgar streets of a small town, but in reality, photographs hide a real staged. In 1972, Nobuyoshi made a new representation of his work, baptized as “concert Super-Photo”, in which photographs reproduced by photocopying, be had
and were sent by mail, as a collection.

The author became a very popular artist thanks to their collections and photo essays, which include titles as “Otoko to onna aida not wa shashinki ga aru” (“There’s a camera between a man and a woman”, 1977), “Waga’ai Yoko” (“Yoko, my love”, 1978), “Shashin shosetsu” (“original photograph”, 1981), “Tokyo ereji” (“Elegy of Tokyo”, 1981), “Shojo sekai” (“world of girls”1984) and “Tokyo wa aki” (“autumn in Tokyo”, 1984).

With a frenetic pace, Araki has published more than a hundred photo albums composed of chained form as if it were a film montage and, under their stormy pictures, critics have found an underground stream of cold insulation about life and death. The woman is the central and emblematic element of his work. Photographed young women, students and prostitutes, clothed and naked, lie down on the ground or hung from the ceiling with their hands tied or open legs. On the other hand, after the death of his wife in 1990 the revela
tion of his private life reached its climax. Araki photographed its life fervent regularly, every day and every moment.

In 1974, he actively collaborated in the creation of the school of photography and the Araki school opened in 1976. With his students presented a photographic exhibition entitled “Walking through Tokyo”. In 1981 it was Araki society.

The exhibition “AKT-TOKYO 1971-1991” was presented in 1992 in the Austrian city of Graz and toured, with great success, several European cities.