Biography of Ernesto Arancibia

Director of Argentine cinema, which dealt mainly with romantic themes. His films, of correct invoice and impeccable Assembly, was characterized for being strict in adaptations.

He died in a tragic car accident the night of the premiere of his latest film, fifth national year, along with several of the young performers of this, when he was returning to Buenos Aires from the city of La Plata.


1942: Her first dance (Waltz of the dream). 1943: Dollhouse and banishment of amor.1944: Lauracha.1947: musical Romance and look at the lilies of the campo.1948: María de los Ángeles and the great tentacion.1950: Romance in three noches.1951: Orchid and the pecado.1953 Street: women of the camelias.1954: birds of Crystal and desnuda.1956 women: the rogue sonadora.1958:… and after the cuple.1959: Three hostesses with permiso.1961: the novia.1962: fifth
national year.