Biography of Fernando Aramburu

Spanish writer, born in San Sebastián in 1959.

In the mid-1980s he moved to live in Germany where he teaches Spanish. Author of several books of poems, 1996 published in fires with lemon his first work in prose in which he worked for more than eight years. This first novel was a literary event that criticism received with unanimous applause and which granted the author an indisputable credit in the contemporary literary scene.

In 1997 it presented a book of short stories under the title not be not painful and in 2000, the author published the empty eyes, his second novel work. Three years later, the Gipuzkoa writer gave to the trumpeter of the Utopia press. In 2004 he published life of a louse called Matías; and in 2006 the fish of bitterness, where to put face and voice to the consequences of violence, confusion, guilt and the resigacion in the Basque country.