Biography of Jesús Arámbarri y Gárate

Conductor and Spanish composer, born in Bilbao on April 13, 1902 and died in Madrid on July 11, 1960. He studied at the Conservatory of his hometown disciplines of singing and piano, later into the study of the body, where he was a student of Jesús Guridi, which also was a student of composition in the first year of the master of Vitoria as teacher at the Bilbao Conservatory. In 1928, a scholarship allowed him to move to the Schola Cantorum in Paris, where he received lessons from Paul Dukas, Paul Le Flem and Vladimir Golschmann. From Paris he went to Basel and there extended studies of the same discipline with Weigarntner. On his return to Bilbao, he was appointed director of the municipal band of that city, in whose podium followed after his conversion in Munici
pal Orchestra in 1939. Thus, Arambarri was, as Pérez Casas, Toldrà or Argent, one of the pioneers in the broadcast of symphonic music in Spain, opened by Barbieri footprint and Fernández Arbós in the 19th, sought to expand the then razor-thin Spanish musical panorama. In 1953, he went to the podium of the Concert Orchestra of Madrid and the Conservatory in the same city. He was also guest conductor of the National Orchestra of Spain and President of the Association of Directors of Spanish Orchestra.