Biography of José Ramón Arana

Poet, playwright, novelist and essayist natural of Zaragoza. He was exiled to Mexico after the Civil War, after passing through several French concentration camps. There he worked as an editor and in various cultural Affairs; among other such companies, should emphasize the creation of Las Españas alongside Manuel Andújar magazine.

His poetry includes sea Northern, Black Sea (1938), anchor (1941) and to your distant shadow, where provides personal testimony of the war, and shows the pain of exile. He cultivated the theatre with Veturian (1951) and the essay with Antonio Machado and Pablo Casals (1957). Their most abundant production consists of short stories and tales, with titles like Viva Cristo Ray! and all the stories (1980) and Can Girona (1973). It is also author of the short novel the priest of Almuniaced (1950).



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