Biography of Rafael Arango y Núñez del Castillo

Military Spanish born in Havana (Cuba) in 1788 and died in the same city on November 6, 1850.

Brother of Andrés Arango and Castillo Núñez, child went to the Peninsula and sat square of cadet in the regiment of infantry of Granada, where he continued his military studies in the company of his brother Andrés. He entered, already second lieutenant, in the school of artillery of Segovia, where ascended to second lieutenant of that optional weapon in 1806. The following year he embarked for Havana; and his ship being captured by an English Cruiser, prisoner was taken to England. At beginning of 1808 they exchanged him and he moved to Madrid, where he then was your brother José.

Moments before May 2, he was named Assistant of the
battalion of artillery from the square, and with him fought in the days that opened the war of independence, as outlined in its booklet El Dos de Mayo de 1808. Manifestation of developments in artillery Park of Madrid on that day (Madrid, 1837, 2nd Edition in Madrid, 1853).

Along with his brother José turned, then to Seville, joining the troops of general Castaños and speaking with him at the battle of Bailén. In 1811 he participated in actions General del Portazgo, where wounded him, Vejer and Chiclana Pinar, then going with the general Blake, to Valencia. After the war he was captain of his weapon with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.He continued providing different services, until, in 1820, he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel of cavalry with destination to a regiment of that weapon of Guatemala. The immediate loss of that province and the recent death of her fat
her had bequeathed a farm of importance, decided you to retire from the army as a Colonel of cavalry. He returned to Havana where he spent the rest of his days. He was married in Spain and had a single son named Joaquin. He won one of the first San Fernandoque crosses were awarded to the creation of this military order.


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